Your treatment will start with a quick catch up on your general health and wellbeing, when you can advise me on anything specific you would like me to work on. During the session you will relax in a zero gravity chair, which tilts you backwards and will support your whole body.  I use hot towels infused with essential oils, to cleanse and warm your feet before starting your treatment.


After your treatment we will discuss what I have felt on your feet, and I will give you some hand reflexology techniques you can try at home.

Your treatment should leave you feel relaxed and tranquil. However, sometimes you may experience a headache or feel more tired than usual, this is due to toxins being released. Drinking plenty of water should minimise these short-term effects


What do I need to bring?

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help you feel more comfortable, I will wear a facemask at all times.

The treatment rooms I work in are lovely and warm, but you may like to bring a small blanket to help keep you even more cosy.

In line with the Association of Reflexologists I am following strict cleaning guidelines before and after your treatment to ensure your safety.