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Reluctant Autumnal Love

I love autumn and winter, but I am never quite ready for summer to end and to enter into the colder months that lie ahead. Nature carries on regardless of my resistance. Yet within a few weeks of the fading summer sun, I always find myself accepting the changing days and once again looking forward to the cosy hibernation that comes with the drawing in of nights.

In my reflexology room I love the excuse to make the room cosier, with extra candles and curtains drawn. I also believe it is a really good to time to focus on yourself and listen to your body as it wills a calmer pace. It is only naturally to slow down at this time of year, and as we have evolved we fight this instinct. Reflexology can really help ground you and allow your body to relax and begin to restore itself. Switching off for an hour and resting while you have your treatment helps boost your immune system and is beneficial in helping the body process stress. Slowing down also allows you time to reflect on life. I know some people may have had enough of this during lockdown but as old habits kick in and some promised lifestyle changes disappear, now is such a great time to reflect on what is important to you.

I thought I would share with you two hand reflexology tips that you can do anytime anywhere, which will help slow you down, ground you and get you into the autumnal spirit your body is craving!

So find somewhere comfortable to sit or stand, make sure your back is supported and you can really relax.

1. The first movement is called zone walking. We are going to slowly thumb walk up each finger from the base of our hand. Start on your palm and use you thumb to glide up from the heel of your hand to the tip of your little finger. Move your thumb slowly and apply a bit of pressure so you really get into all the nooks and crannies of your hand. Keep your thumb bent to protect the joint and make precise deliberate movements. Repeat for each finger and do on each hand. It may help to use some hand cream. The diagram below helps illustrates this movement. Take full steady slow breaths whilst you do this. Close your eyes too if it feels good.

The turn your hand over and do exactly the same on the back of your hand. Start at your wrist and thumb walk up to your little finger nail. Repeat for each finger and do on each hand.

Really focus on the sensations on your hands as you do this and try to slow down your mind and breathing.

2. The final technique to help ground you is to hold the solar plexus. The solar plexus is a collection of nerves found in the abdomen. Most of us have heard of the term gut instinct and this phrase comes from the anatomical solar plexus. Use the diagrams below to help you find the reflex.

Find the diaphragm line on your palm. This follows the base of the knuckles.

Exactly in the middle, in between the 4 fingers on this line is the solar plexus reflex.

Use your bent thumb to push and hold the solar plexus. If possible hook upwards towards your fingers, use a firm pressure. As you slowly breathe in hold the reflex and release as your breathe out. You could try to breathe in for 4 counts, hold the breath in for 4 counts and then breathe out for 4 counts. Repeat this as many times as you feel comfortable doing and repeat on your other hand.

Hopefully these two hand reflexology tips will help relax you and bring a small piece of calm to your day. I wish you an easy autumnal transition and hope to see you in my cosy treatment room soon.

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